We Turn Your Ideas into Reality

  • Week 4

    Preliminary Product Preparation

    1. product concept architecture finalization

    2. ID completion and approval

    3. Mechanical drawings approval&release

    4. Prototype preparation

    5. POC (prototype of concept) review and approval

  • Week 10

    Design verification

    1. DFM review and &Tool kick-off

    2. DV Build Preparation

    3. DV Build and Test completion

    4. DV Test review and Approval

  • Week 14

    Production verification

    1. PV drawings update

    2. PV BOM release

    3. PV Build completion

    4. Product veification review and approval

    5. BOM cost confirmation

  • Week 18

    Trial production

    1. TP BOM release

    2. TP Build completion

    3. TP Build review and approval

    4. Ramp up readiness

Preliminary Product Preparation

What we can offer during previous preparation?

An experienced R&D group will follow the project from the beginning to offer analysis, ideas, prototypes and product development.

Timeframe and roadmap will be followed and given to the customers.

The lead-time for a project with Deepunion will be no more than18 weeks.

Design verification

Deepunion provides material tests in our labs. Each appropriate material will be considered in the design analysis and you’re welcomed to come up with ideas for us to discuss.

Customizations are fully accepted in Deepunion, We’ll listen to your needs and provide the best solutions. Customization options include voltage, oil tank volumes, materials, logo prints and even ceramic recipes.

After we decide the product design, customers will get the engineering build samples within a month.

Product verification

Performance processes are impeccable and multiple in Deepunion. For example, we offer abrasive anodized aluminum finish, sprayed finish, rubberized finish, plated finish, brushed finish,etc.

Trial process

Normally, trail production will last for 20-25 working day in Deepunion.