Oct 24,2019


1.       Current situation of oil filing

THC and CBD oil filing factories are facing issues nowadays during years of production. One of the main problems is the high cost of labor, time and also products. Oil manufacturers find the traditional oil filing process requires the amount of workers and huge fund investment on labor not only in the beginning of the business but also in the next few decades.


    This kind of working pattern will lead to problems like an oil spill and cartridge broken during tamponage, in the meanwhile to increase cost rapidly.


2.       Why Deepunion oil filling system

For the moment, mechanization is becoming much mainstream than years before, especially for factories, people started to realize the use of machines will not only increase the overall efficiency while profiting but change the foundation of oil procuring.


Deepunion has been working on vape pen research and study since 2004, the company discover the problems of oil manufactures and produced the oil filing equipments to both THC and CBD oil after times of experiments.


Thus, Deepunion are still working on automatic oil filing system while experimenting on vape pens in order to provide a more efficiency production mode to oil manufactures on the market, and finally they got a boost.


3.       Contrast between automatic and traditional oil filling

The market used to offer manual oil filling to manufactures, meanwhile, there will be cost on several aspects like waste of oil and products, high labor costs but low efficiency, these aspects can easily block the entrance for manufactures to enter the market.


Nevertheless, the rise of automatic oil filling system will change the circumstance to stop hand filing and more cleanness.


According to the experiment on manual oil filing and automatic, the capacity of automatic oil filling equipment is 5 times faster than manual without reducing the quality, but machines enhances the product use ratio on the contrary.


    The capacity-develop reasons on specifics below:  

Ø  Easy to operate

Ø  Prevent spillage and breakage

Ø  High oil filling level

Ø  High yield per unit time

Ø  Food grade oiling system with corrosion resistance

Ø  Less noise

Ø  High precision with temperature control

Ø  Severe product test and control

Ø  Customization available


4.       Deepunion oiling system operation instructions

Parts of the oil filing machine defines the operation method and directly resulted in produce capacity.


After the products are placed on the vehicle, X-Z transplanting machine starts to fill oil in the mouthpieces on mouthpiece vehicle while the oil delivering pipe continuing transfer oil from the oil tank. During the process of oil filing, Y transplanting machine will stay stable, but X transplanting machine moves to fit the needle.


Because of the vacuum unit on the plugging machine, after the mouthpiece was filled, the plugging machine will finish the process by plugging the gap on.

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